27 October 2012

Facebook shortcuts you don’t know

facebook shortcuts
Here is wonderful list of Facebook shortcut keys, which links some must see pages on Facebook.com
Works on Internet Explorer & Firefox. Might be in Chrome too.
Just while using Facebook.com use these Shortcut Keys For Facebook as shown below

    Google Chrome   Firefox Result in Facebook
Alt+MShift+Alt+MNew message
Alt+0Shift+Alt+0Help center
Alt+1Shift+Alt+1Home page
Alt+2Shift+Alt+2Profile page
Alt+3Shift+Alt+3Manage Friend list
Alt+4Shift+Alt+4Messages list
Alt+5Shift+Alt+5Notification page
Alt+6Shift+Alt+6Account settings
Alt+7Shift+Alt+7Privacy setting
Alt+8Shift+Alt+8Facebook fan page
Alt+9Shift+Alt+9Facebook terms
Alt+?Shift+Alt+?Search box
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