6 September 2012

How to increase the Bike mileage or Average

The fuel price is increasing day by day so everyone want to reduce fuel consumption of there bikes.Here 15 tips for maintaining and improving the mileage of you bike is given below.

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1. Maintain bike in a full condition. Give proper service. 

2. Change engine oil after 3000 km or 3 months.  Use the same grade oil preferred by the company. 

3. Shift the clutch properly.  Clutch slipping reduce fuel efficiency. 

4. Clean the chain and sprocket after each 2000km.  Then lubricate using suitable lubricants. 

5. Don't drive bike with loose chain.  It will reduce fuel efficiency. 

6. Keep suitable air pressure in both tires to reduce friction. 

7. Check petrol tank, fuel pipe and fuel filter Weekly. 

8. Tune the carbonator properly.  It will increase mileage.  If any problem in mileage occurs re-tune carbonator. 

9. Lubricate the cables and tip of the cables weekly. 

10. Clean carbonator(float chamber, Jets) and spark plug after each 2000Km.  Maintain the tip gap between electrogards in spark plug. It will help to avoid starting trouble. 

11. Don't tight the break. It will reduce speed and life of break shoe. 

12. Clean air filter weekly. 

13. Fill the fuel from good pumbs and try to fill fuel in morning time only.  Park the bike in shade area. 

14. Run the bike in top gear(40-60km).  Avoid sudden breaking.  Don't drive above 70 kmph. 

15. Don't raise the engine.  It will increase the use of fuel.  Only transmit the gear before reducing the acceleration. 

So follow the above tips and save fuel and your money.  

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